Q. Are lash extensions safe?

A. YES. Lash extensions are safe for your eyes. Done correctly and with quality products, you can keep your lash extensions on for years with no damage. However, done incorrectly can cause damage to your hair folicle and cause shortened or deceased hair growth.

Q. Does it hurt to get lash extensions?

A. No, not at all. In fact most people take advantage of the comfortable environment and fall asleep. Several clients think of it as their time to get a nap in the middle of a busy day.

Q. How often do you get refills and why?

A. Refills are done every 2-3 weeks. The average cycle of a single eyelash growth is 30-60 days. Which means from the time it sprouts from your lid to the time is grows long and falls out. Since this happens at different times for each natural eyelash, you have a consistent shed of lashes. You should typically lose approximately 6-10 eyelashes per week on average. So refills done every 2-3 weeks will keep them looking full and natural.

Q. What kind of products can I use?

A. The most important thing to remember when you have lash extensions is to stay away from oil based products. Oil based products break down the glue bond and will cause lashes to weaken and fall off prematurely. All your products including makeup remover, mascara, and eyeliner, need to be oil free. If you use eye creams and facial cleansers, it's best to stay around your orbital bone as to not affect lashes.  We have oil free products available for purchase and can recommend other products available elsewhere.

Q. What are the lashes made of?

A. We use only synthetic lashes. There are human hair and animal hair lashes available on the market, however; we refuse to use anything but synthetic due to the risk of allergic reactions people have experienced. Human hair and animal hair (such as mink) cannot be sanitized well enough to use safely. Our lashes are a synthetic material made of a polyester blend fabric that gives them the soft feel of natural lashes. We also offer synthetic mink style lashes that are cut to mimic actual mink hair. You can have beautiful long lasting lashes without risk of allergic reactions.

Q. Is the lash extension glue safe?

A. Yes. The glue formulated for lash extensions is made specifically to use near your eyes. Your stylist should know what kind of glue they are using and whether it is medical grade or not. Bella Lash Boutique stylists use only medical grade bonding glue from a manufacturer in the USA. Our glue is formaldehyde free and gentle with fumes. In case your eyes are hyper-sensitive, we have a special glue that is color free and fume free. Please let us know prior to your appointment if you have allergies or sensitivities to certain makeup products, or seasonal allergies, as these can sometimes tell us if you have certain eye sensitivities.

Q. Is Permanent Makeup for me?

A. Permanent Makeup if something for anyone who wants to simplify their life. Once permanent makeup is healed, it takes on the look of freshly applied makeup. Permanent makeup can last anywhere from 5-9 years, depending on your technician and the products used. Bella Lash Boutique uses only high quality, vegetable based pigments. Permanent makeup healing time varies with each procedure, but it is usually not long and many people return to work the same day or the next day.

Q. Is Permanent Makeup painful?

A. There really is no simple answer to that question. The experience is different for everyone. Some people have higher pain thresholds than others. With that being said, we use numbing gels that are applied consistently throughout the procedure to minimize the sensation almost completely. Permanent makeup is the equivalent of getting a tattoo, except that we do not go as far into the dermis (skin layers) as if you were getting artwork. Imagine waking up and having your eyeliner, eyebrows and lipstick applied with no effort. It's natural and beautiful. 

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